Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June 11, 2017 Rope Bowls Workshop Supply List

Sunday, June 11, 2017 from Noon-4:00pm member Judy C will lead a Rope Bowls Sewing Workshop at our regular meeting location (see map on right sidebar).  

CLMQG members may attend the workshop free of charge; non-members will be charged a $10 special event fee.

Fabric Wrapped Bowls Supply List

  • 1 pkg of all cotton clothes line with cotton core (available at Meyer’s)
  • ½ yard – 1 yard batik cut or torn into strips of 1 ½” wide and 18” long
  • Thread to match your chosen batik, bobbin and top
  • Scissors/Thread Snips
  • Sewing machine with a zig-zag foot
  • Extension cord
  • Surge protector

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Meeting Calendar Change

Attention CLMQG members!

Our program and meeting time for June 11 has changed.

Meeting time is now Noon-4:00pm.

Member Judy C will lead a Rope Bowl workshop after the meeting portion of the day is complete - approximately 1:00-4:00pm.

A supply list for the workshop will be posted here on our website Wednesday, May 31.  Members may participate in the workshop free of charge; non-members will be charged a $10 special event fee.

The Zentangle workshop has tentatively been moved to our August 13 meeting.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 2017 Instagram Challenge Requirements

May 2017 Challenge Requirements (Read our original post about this challenge for the complete set of rules and more details about this year-long challenge.)
  • The May Challenge topic is ZIPPERS!
  • Minimum of three separate Instagram posts (one photo per post).
  • Sew a NEW project that includes the insertion of a sewn-in zipper.
  • Deadline: Post photos of your inspiration/materials, project progress, and finished project by Friday, June 9.
  • Bring your finished project to the Sunday, June 11 CLMQG meeting.
  • You may start posting photos now.

Each May challenge post must include the following elements in the photo caption:
  • @crystallakemqg
  • #clmqgigchallengemay
  • At least two other relevant hashtags (no spaces and no special characters are allowed within the body of IG hashtags)

Additional Info:  
  • CLMQG has a Pinterest account with a board titled "Zipper Fun" where you can find project ideas and links to zipper tutorials. (You do not need a Pinterest account to view this idea board.)
  • Remember to add relevant info to your photo captions.  The more information you can provide, the more interested people will be in your photos!
  • Be extra mindful when typing your hashtags and "@crystallakemqg".  If these are not correctly typed your photo(s) will not qualify for challenge prizes.
  • Use a space before and after each @ or # string.  Don't put spaces within the @ or # string of characters. 
  • You must be present at time of drawings to win prizes.
  • If you complete the month's challenge requirements but are unable to attend the meeting, you will still receive your qualification button for that month but will not be entered in the monthly prize drawing.

How will you know if your photos qualify for the challenge?
  • Thumbs Up emoji comment from CLMQG tells you photo meets requirements.
  • Gold Star emoji comment from CLMQG means you have qualified that month with 3 correct photos

*** View all slides from the May 21, 2017 meeting Powerpoint presentation here.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May 21, 2017 Meeting Reminder

Sunday, May 21 is our next meeting and program
at the Home State Bank Commercial Banking Center (see map on the right sidebar.)

The meeting starts at 10:30am and concludes at noon.
The workshop begins promptly at noon and concludes at 4:00pm.

May Monthly Meeting Highlights:
  • Executive Board Elections
  • May Instagram Challenge Theme and rules announcement
  • Show and Tell & Monthly prize drawing for April Instagram Challenge participants
  • Show and Tell
  • Secret Pal gifts
  • Door Prize Drawing
  • Barn Quilt Painting Workshop (See Supply List below)
  • ** Space is limited so only CLMQG members who have registered via the April 15 Evite email may participate in this lecture and workshop.

What you need to bring for the meeting:
  • Items from your April Instagram Challenge photos (if participating)
  • Show and Tell - bring your modern quilted items to share
  • Secret Pal gifts (if participating)
  • Donation Quilts - Bring any newly completed comfort quilts for Gavers Breast Care Center. Please remember to include a CLMQG label on the back of your quilt.
  • Snacks (if you signed up to bring this month)
  • Nametag
  • $40 cash or check Workshop Fee (if participating)

Barn Quilt Painting Workshop Supply List:
  • $40 cash or check
  • painter's tape (recommend .94 inch green Frog brand)
  • yardstick
  • pencil
  • hair dryer with extension cords to reach the tables (1 hair dryer per 4 people)
  • Choose your Barn Quilt design BEFORE THE WORKSHOP from the options shown below.  Colors shown are just examples; you will be able to choose your colors. If you have a different pattern in mind, please draw it on a letter sized sheet of paper and bring it with you (but keep it simple - for example NO Mariner's Compass) and be ready to draw it onto your 24-inch square board.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

CLMQG Book Club

The new, very informal CLMQG Book Club was announced at our April 9 meeting, and it's not at all like a traditional book club.  Long story short: CLMQG members offer a book they have read and recommend, and other CLMQG members can sign up to read it and then pass it on to the next person who signed up to read it.  But the really fun part is each reader gets 3 new fat quarters that relate to the book!  

Read on for all the details!


  • Any CLMQG member can sign up to read a book - you do not have to offer a book to participate.
  • Sign up for a book you are interested in reading (max 10 people on list).
  • Post a photo to Instagram (#clmqgbookclub @crystallakemqg) when the book comes to you.  You’ve got until the next meeting – approximately 30 days - to read it.
  • Keep the 3 FQs included with the book when you receive it.
  • After reading, provide 3 new, quilt shop quality FQs to include for the next reader - fabrics that remind you of the story, setting, or characters – they don’t have to be a literal representation of the story.
  • Post a photo of the book and FQs before passing it on to the next reader at the next CLMQG meeting.  If you cannot attend PLEASE find a friend to bring it on your behalf - others are waiting in line to read it!
  • At the end of the reader list, the book comes back to the owner with 3 new FQs from the last reader.
  • No one is policing this – please stick to the rules and hold up your end of the bargain.  If you cannot read the book within 30 days when it comes to you, please be honest and pass it to the next reader.
  • While a book is in your care, please treat it with the same respect you would if it were your own book :)

  • Choose a book you have read and enjoyed.  Choose 3 quilt shop quality FQs that remind you of the story (the setting, characters, time period, storyline, etc) to include with the book.
  • Don’t choose a book that you will be upset about if it is lost/stolen/damaged.  Life happens – water splashes, wine and coffee spill, pages get dog-eared :)
  • Put your name and email address in the front cover.
  • Tape in a paper explaining the rules (available at CLMQG meetings and listed below).
  • Post a photo of the book and FQs to Instagram telling members you are offering the book to readers.  Ask them to comment if they wish to be added to the reader list.  Start the list and cap it at 10 readers.  Or present it at a CLMQG monthly meeting.
  • Tape the reader list into the back cover including email addresses.
  • Keep a copy of the reader list.
  • If there are 10 people on the reader list, you should expect to receive the book back in approximately one year.
  • There may or may not be a full reader list when you start the book.  More people will probably sign up when they hear others talking about the book and see the fun FQs in photos.
  • You are not required to offer a book in order to request another book.
  • This is all completely voluntary.  Please adhere to the honor system when a book is in your care.
There are currently two books in circulation, and both have sign-up spots available.  You can sign up to read either (or both) at our May 21 meeting :)

** This book club format is based on the Instagram #quiltersbookpassport book club.  Thanks Monica @buttoncounter for the inspiration!!