Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 2017 Instagram Challenge Requirements

January 2017 Challenge Requirements (Read our original post about this challenge for the complete set of rules and more details about this year-long challenge.)
  • The January Challenge topic is Foundation Paper Piecing.
  • Post at least three separate photos in three separate posts (one photo per post) of your progress on a Foundation Paper Pieced project you are working on right now.  It does not have to be a brand new project, but it must be something currently in progress and not already completed.
  • Photos must be posted by Thursday, February 9 to qualify.
  • Bring the project from your photos to the February 12, 2017 meeting for Show and Tell.  The project does not need to be fully completed - just bring whatever you have done so far.
  • You may start posting photos now.
  • Each January challenge photo must include the following elements:
  1. @crystallakemqg
  2. #clmqgigchallengejan
  3. At least two other relevant hashtags (no spaces and no special characters are allowed within the body of IG hashtags)

  • Remember to add relevant info to your photo captions - name of the pattern, fabrics you are using, etc.  The more information you can provide, the more interested people will be in your photos!
  • Be extra mindful when typing your hashtags and "@crystallakemqg".  If these are not correctly typed your photo(s) will not qualify for challenge prizes.
  • Use a space before and after each @ or # string.  Don't put spaces within the @ or # string of characters.  
***New Challenge Information***
  • Thumbs Up emoji comment from CLMQG tells you photo meets requirements.
  • Gold Star emoji comment from CLMQG means you have qualified that month with 3 correct photos
  • You must be present at time of drawings to win prizes.

Want to make the Geometric Sewing Machine block shown above and at the January 15 meeting?  Purchase and download the pattern here for $3.50

Want to use another pattern to make your FPP Challenge project?  Google "free paper piecing patterns" and you'll get thousands of results :)

New to Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP)?  Here are few great online tutorials to help:

View all slides from the January 15 meeting Powerpoint presentation here.

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