Monday, November 7, 2016

November 13 VOTE - Continue MQG Membership in 2017?

As the current membership year draws to a close and the 2017 CLMQG budget is being finalized, our founders and Executive Board members question whether the annual dues paid to the Modern Quilt Guild organization are a worthwhile expenditure and whether we should continue our MQG membership in 2017.

In order to determine the appropriate course of action for CLMQG in 2017, we will have an open discussion and vote on this topic at our next meeting Sunday, November 13.

The Executive Board has prepared a slide presentation of the expected 2017 expenditure for MQG dues, some perspective on what that dollar amount means to our budget, and the impact to CLMQG should we decide to discontinue our MQG membership next year.

After the open discussion an anonymous ballot vote will be held to decide the issue.  Members who are unable to attend Sunday, November 13 will have the opportunity to cast a ballot via email until Sunday, November 20.  A minimum 51% majority vote (23 or more of the current membership of 45) is required to carry the vote so it is critical that every 2016 member cast a vote.

Our 2017 MQG membership dues will be at least $550, and there is a high likelihood they will be $700 - that equates to at least 35% of our 2016 total expenses.

You should have received a recent email from the MQG listing individual and guild benefits of membership in their organization.  We encourage you to read the email closely and consider each individual benefit - how many listed are benefiting you personally and how many are not relevant to you?  If you did not receive the email from MQG you can view the published benefit listing here.

Bring your questions about this issue to the November 13 meeting and we will do our best to provide answers. 

Thank you for your continued support of CLMQG!

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