Tuesday, November 15, 2016

2017 Instagram Challenge Announcement

At the Sunday, November 13, 2016 meeting we announced our new challenge for members - The 2017 CLMQG Instagram Challenge!

Shelley and Lorrie led a PowerPoint Basic Instagram Workshop to help members new to the Instagram app.  All of the slides from this workshop can be viewed via this link.  You can also find lots of how-to information within the app's Help Center function (accessed by tapping the wheel icon in the upper right corner of your Profile page) or on the Instagram website.

If you need further assistance, we will take time at upcoming monthly meetings to answer questions and present information about some of the more advanced features within Instagram. 

Challenge details!
  • This is a 12 month challenge from December 2016 - November 2017
  • Participation is completely voluntary - you may participate one, a few, or all 12 months (or not at all)
  • Challenge is open to all CLMQG members
  • New challenge topic/technique will be announced each month (beginning November 2016) at the monthly meeting and on the CLMQG blog and Instagram
  • Appropriate technique demos may take place at monthly meetings or online tutorial links may be posted on the blog to help you with the month's challenge depending on the topic/technique announced
  • Challenge participation is exclusively through the Instagram app

  • Participants must follow @crystallakemqg on Instagram. When you follow our account on IG we receive a notification and will then follow you :)
  • IG users with their account set as Private must accept @crystallakemqg as a follower.  (You'll receive notification in your Activity that we have requested to follow you and you then must accept this request.)
  • Participants must have their first name and last initial (at a minimum) in their IG user profile - so we know who you are!
  • Post at least three separate photos related to the challenge topic each month.
  • Only post photos of current projects - no posting photos of things you did prior to that month.
  • Bring the project from your three photos to the following monthly meeting for Show and Tell (bring your December Challenge project(s) to the January meeting, etc).  The project does not need to be a fully finished quilt - just your work to date.
  • Each posted photo must have the following items in the photo caption:
  1. "@crystallakemqg" (make sure to have a "space" in front of the @ symbol)
  2. The monthly challenge hashtag following the convention #clmqgigchallengemonth  This will change each month and will aid in grouping posted photos for the challenge monitors.  For instance December Challenge photos must be tagged with "#clmqgigchallengedec"
  3. At least two other relevant hashtags

  • If you have met all the December Challenge requirements at the January meeting (and so forth throughout the year), you will earn a button and a chance to win the monthly prize.
  • Each button earned also = one chance to win the GRAND PRIZE awarded in December 2017.  More participation = more chances to win.
  • Because the GRAND PRIZE put together by the Challenge coordinators is so FANTASTIC, you must earn at least six buttons by participating in at least six monthly challenges to be eligible to win the Grand Prize.
  • All monthly prizes and the Grand Prize will be awarded via random drawing. You must be present at the time of drawing to win the monthly prize.

December 2016 Challenge Requirements (You can view slides from last Sunday's Challenge Details and Rules PowerPoint via this link):
  • The December Challenge topic is "What I'm Working On Now".
  • Post at least three photos of what sewing/quilting project you are working on right now.  It does not have to be a brand new project, but it must be something currently in progress.
  • Bring the project from your photos to the January 15, 2017 meeting for Show and Tell.
  • You can start posting photos now :)
  • Include the following items in the caption of all challenge photos you post to IG:
  1. "@crystallakemqg"
  2. "#clmqgigchallengedec"
  3. At least two other relevant hashtags (no spaces and special characters are allowed within the body of IG hashtags)
We designed this challenge to be a fun learning experience for all CLMQG members - 
so let's HAVE FUN!


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