Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 23, 2016 Meeting Minutes

1. Paige is unable to continue to be our Vice President, so Jalana has agreed to take over this position for the rest of the term.

2. Committee Updates:
  • Bees –Please let Terry know if you want to join or start a bee.
  • Charity –Kelly is setting up a time with Gavers to present all of the quilts that were collected this month.
  • Social Media
  1. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for all CLMQG updates.
  2. If you took a Member Feature sheet, please turn it in so that we can highlight you on the blog.
3. Upcoming Meetings:

  • Saturday, November 5: 9-5; Bonus Workshop: Sew Together Bag with Shelley. You can purchase the pattern from Craftsy for $12. The prep list was emailed out this week to those members who have sent an RSVP indicating that they are coming.
  • November 13: 12 – 4; Member Trunk Show & vending with Sharon Turskey; Phoneography & Instagram workshop; we will provide details about the #CLMQGInstaChallenge
  • December 4: 12 – 3:30; Holiday Party at Biaggi’s. Due to a miscommunication, we will not be in the party room. We will have a large table in the general dining room. Each member will be able to choose her menu item and will be responsible to pay her own bill. We will not be collecting any money beforehand. An Evite will be going out shortly to RSVP. Secret Pals will be revealed. The guild will be sponsoring a gift swap game instead of having an individual gift swap. You may bring items for Show and Tell, but keep in mind that there will not be a lot of room to display large quilts.

4. Other Business:

  • The Sew Generously Sew In was a big hit! We hope to have more of these in the future.
  • We took a vote to see if members would like to continue Secret Pals in 2017; the majority voted yes.
  • Dues must be paid by January 1st. Registration forms will be available at our November meeting.

5. Sharon presented Shelley with a quilt which was made by members, as a thank you to Shelley for all the work she did as our previous President.

6. House Block Lottery

7. Show and Tell

8. Secret Pal gifts were handed out

9. Break. Kelly counted the Gavers quilts that were brought in today. We have a grand total of 31 quilts for this month’s donation!

10. We enjoyed an entertaining lecture by Laura Wasilowski.

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