Monday, September 12, 2016

October 2016 Block Lottery - Houses

Our final block lottery for 2016 will take place at the October 23 meeting, and the focus this month is house blocks.  

There is only one design rule this month - the background of your house block must be low volume fabric.  It can be a single fabric or scrappy, but the entire background must be low volume.

You can make your house any size, shape, or color that makes you happy.  It can be a stately Colonial, a classic Saltbox, a cozy cottage, or a wonky tilted residence.  It can be pieced, appliqued, or foundation paper pieced.  It can be embellished with embroidery, applique, buttons, or trims.  You can make one or as many as you like!

We've located a few websites with free house quilt block patterns to give you inspiration.  You can print these free patterns at home or make up your own - the only limit is your imagination :)

October 2016 Block Lottery Guidelines:
  • Lottery participation is completely voluntary.
  • Use only quilt store quality fabrics.
  • Blocks can be any size square or rectangle.
  • Background fabric(s) must be low volume.
  • If you were lucky enough to win a previous lottery, you must show a completed project using all or some of those ‘winnings‘ to be eligible for this drawing.
  • Label each of your blocks with your name (a small sticker on the back works best for this.)
  • One block = one chance to win. There is no limit to the number of blocks you may submit.
  • Bring your pressed block(s) to the October 23 meeting. A volunteer will ensure that participants have followed the rules and award the lottery tickets!

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