Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mystery Medallion Challenge - April Border Rules

Photos of the challenge participants and their in-progress quilt tops are posted here on Facebook.

At our monthly meeting April 10 the quilting task and color requirement for the fourth border were randomly drawn and announced.

  • The quilting task drawn for April was SCRAPPY STAR. There are many interpretations of scrappy star blocks, so let your imagination run wild!

  • An additional fabric requirement was added for this month!  Lesley provided and distributed 10" squares of a fabric that must also be used in your April borders.  Please email us if you are participating in the challenge and did not receive the fabric square.

Rules Reminders:
  • Your April border must be on all four sides of your quilt top, but all four sides are not required to be the same width.
  • There are no restrictions or limitations regarding the width of your April border.
  • Your April border must include sewn scrappy star blocks (scrappy stars printed on your fabric DO NOT qualify), the color orange, and the provided additional fabric. You may include as many or as few scrappy star blocks as you like, and you may use as much or as little of the color orange and additional fabric as you like.
  • If you were assigned a penalty element at the April meeting, your April borders must include that penalty in addition to the Scrappy Star, orange, and additional fabric requirements.
  • To remain eligible for any prizes you must bring your in-progress quilt with April borders sewn to the quilt top to our May 15, 2016 meeting. If you are unable to attend that meeting, you must send a photo of your in-progress quilt with completed April borders sewn to the quilt top to crystallakemqg (at) gmail (dot) com by Saturday, May 14.
  • If your April borders are not completed on time or if they do not follow the rules of the challenge you will be assigned a penalty element that must be included in your May borders in order to remain eligible for prizes.
  • You may not reconstruct or alter the layout of your medallion, January, February, or March borders except to add embellishment such as embroidery, applique, trims, buttons, etc.
  • The grand prize will be awarded via a random drawing at the September 2016 meeting.
  • The complete set of challenge rules can be found here.

Feel free to post photos of your progress to our Facebook page and on Instagram using the hashtag #crystallakemqg :)

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