Monday, January 25, 2016

Mystery Medallion Challenge - January Border Rules

We have several members participating in our 2016 Mystery Medallion Challenge!  Photos of the participants with their quilt centers are posted here on Facebook.

At our Saturday, January 23 sew-in each participant wrote down a quilting task or block name, and all the papers were put into a bag for a blind draw.  The quilting task drawn for January was the snowball block.

A Google search on "snowball quilt block" will yield many images for you to look through for inspiration, and this handy free tutorial will show you how to make a 6" finished snowball block.

To determine the color rule for January, Lesley brought a paper bag with crayons in every color of the rainbow, and the crayon drawn for January was red violet.

You can also execute a Google images search for examples of this color, or check out the official Crayola website page for that color.

I searched the Hawthorne Threads color grid tool and came up with this mosaic of red violet fabric examples:

  • Your January border must be on all four sides of your center medallion, but not all four sides are not required to be the same width.
  • There are no restrictions or limitations regarding the width of your January border.
  • Your January border must include a snowball block and the color red violet.  You may include as many or as few snowball blocks as you like, and you may use as much or as little of the color red violet as you like.
  • To remain eligible for the grand prize you must bring your in-progress quilt with January borders sewn to the medallion center to our February 21, 2016 meeting.  If you are unable to attend that meeting, you must send a photo of your in-progress quilt with January borders sewn to the medallion center to crystallakemqg (at) gmail (dot) com by Saturday, February 20.

You can review the complete list of rules and program details for the Mystery Medallion Challenge in this post.  

Go forth and be creative with your snowball blocks and red violet fabrics!  Feel free to post photos of your progress to our Facebook page and on Instagram using the hashtag #crystallakemqg :)

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