Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Program! 2016 Mystery Medallion Challenge Details

Announcing our new challenge program for 2016...
Mystery Medallion Quilt Challenge

This is a voluntary challenge program for 2016 CLMQG members that will start in January and finish in September 2016. Our own Lesley G is designing the program, but even she won't know the full content and sequence of the monthly challenges. Necchi - New Home Sewing Center in Rockford has graciously offered to donate a Brother Simplicity 700T sewing machine to the winner of this challenge!

Program details:
  • If you choose to participate, you'll need a center "medallion" for your quilt. It can be any size and any form of textile you wish to use - a single quilt block, a large print piece of fabric, a piece of embroidery or applique, a cluster of quilt blocks - basically anything that you would like to use as the center feature of a quilt.
  • Each month you a set of challenge rules will be announced and published here.  The monthly challenge rules will specify a color and a design element that must be incorporated into a quilt border building on your center medallion. So in January the challenge rules will be for the first quilt border, in February the second quilt border, and so on until the final challenge rules are announced in May for the fifth and final quilt border.
  • If you'd like to end up with a smaller quilt at the conclusion of the challenge, you should start with a smaller center "medallion".
  • Each month the challenge rule components will be randomly drawn so no one will know the sequence of colors or design elements.
  • Design elements might include specific quilt blocks, a piece of fabric (provided by the guild), and/or a quilting technique such as applique or paper piecing.
  • There is no registration or fee required to participate.
  • Interim prizes may be awarded as the challenge progresses.
  • The Grand Prize and any interim prizes will be awarded via a random drawing from the pool of those participants who are up to date and have accurately followed each monthly set of challenge rules.

Rules for our Mystery Medallion Challenge - in order to be eligible for any prizes all of these rules must be followed completely
  • If you choose to participate, you must bring your center medallion to the January 23 meeting (or email a photo in JPEG format if you cannot attend that day).
  • Each month you must bring your quilt top in progress to our meetings (or email a photo) to show program judges that you have completed the previous month's challenge rules before proceeding to the next month's challenge rules.
  • If program judges determine that your border does not follow the challenge rules given in the previous month, you will be given a "penalty" element that must be included in the next border in order to remain eligible for prizes.
  • Each monthly border must be added to all four sides of your quilt top, however there will be no restrictions or limitations to the size(s) your borders. 
  • You may add more borders to your quilt top than the five required in the challenge.
  • There are no restrictions or limitations regarding the final size of your quilt top.
  • Final judging of the quilt borders will occur at the June 2016 meeting.  You will then have approximately three months - mid June to mid September - to complete your quilt.
  • Your quilt must be completed - quilted and bound - and shown during show and tell at our September 11, 2016 meeting.
  • You must agree to allow your quilt to be shown at the September 17-18, 2016 Countryside Garden Center Quilt Show.

Don't let these rules and requirements scare you! This is going to be a fun new way to design a quilt top that you may never have imagined. So unleash your creativity and embrace a sense of playfulness while joining us on this new challenge journey!! You might even WIN A NEW SEWING MACHINE while creating a one-of-a-kind quilt that you'll love :)

Lesley ran several of these challenge programs in the past at the quilt store she owned (Acorn Quilts in Rockford) and completed two of these types of quilts...

The center of this first quilt is a piece of wool applique, and the quilt won Best in Show at a recent Sinnissippi Quilt Guild Show!

The center medallion of this second quilt is a needlepoint piece that Lesley completed in high school.  Shelley participated in this same challenge round (but hasn't completed the final border yet) and look how different her quilt turned out.  Two very different quilts from the same sets of challenge rules...

I hope you are all very excited about this new 2016 challenge :)  We had great participation and enthusiasm surrounding our 2015 UFO Challenge, and we'd love for this new program to generate even more involvement - let's keep the momentum going!

Email us at crystallakemqg (at) gmail (dot) com with any questions.

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