Saturday, June 20, 2015

Member Feature - Kelly Litton

Meet Kelly Litton - our current Charity Chief...

Tell us a little about yourself.
I grew up in Wisconsin as a Bears fan (that was tough) and have lived in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and even London for a stint before moving to Chicago in 1988. I am an interior designer by trade but now work for Delta Faucet Company selling faucets to interior designers. Never ever thought I'd know this much about plumbing! Before I started working full time in 1997, I stayed home with my 5 kids and worked part time at Prairie Patchwork Mercantile on the Woodstock square.

How and when did you start quilting/sewing?
My father was an interior designer and my mother a seamstress who made all the drapery for his business, so I kind of learned these things by osmosis. I never had any formal sewing education but remember in my 7th grade home ec class I made a cute little dress with set-in sleeves, collar and invisible zipper when everyone else made a square pillow. Ha! Quilting actually started on my own but when I hooked up with PPM, it became a passion!

What are you most and least favorite parts of quilting?
My most favorite part of quilting is the design process. Least favorite by far, is the quilting part!

Favorite fabrics/designers/color palette?
I don't really get into the fabric designers, blogs or "celebrity" quilters. I believe anyone who creates is a celebrity :)

What quilt/s are you working on now?
I think I have 117 quilts either in progress or in my head (not really!) I have a couple quilts for my grandkids on the table, a couple really old hand applique quilts, a crazy steampunk that may never get finished, and my English paper piecing which I am loving!

What is on your quilting "bucket list"?
I want to make a T-Shirt quilt in the shape of the Stanley Cup using all my Blackhawks shirts from the last 20 years!

Where do you sew? How often/how long each week?
Having just moved into an artist's loft, I haven't done ANY sewing for about 6 weeks. Ugh. I've been having fun integrating the sewing room (messy) into the living space (neat) because there are NO WALLS in this apartment. Eeek.

Do you tend to follow patterns or make your own designs?
I have only followed a pattern once. It was from a Kaffe book and Shelley coerced me into doing it. I hated the process but really love the quilt. This steampunk might just put me over the edge, however.

What kind of machine do you use?
Ooooo, love this question! Until last April, I sewed exclusively on a Featherweight after my high school Singer pooped out on me in the mid-90's. However, I bought a Juki F600 in Paducah last year which is like going from a horse and buggy to an Indy race car. It scares me a lot but I am enjoying getting to know it.

Tell us three things about yourself that other CLMQG members probably don't know.
  1. I'm probably going to buy a retirement home in Scottsdale within the next 12 months.
  2. My other passion is alternative music and I can keep up with every 20-something at a concert--love being as close to the stage as possible.
  3. I only dislike 4 foods: mushrooms, coconut, pears and milk chocolate.
What is your most treasured/sentimental possession?
My most treasured possession is my dad.

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