Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Member Feature - Lorrie Gartman

This is our first member feature in 2015. Meet Lorrie Gartman - our current guild Vice President...

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Lorrie, sometimes called "SmorieLorrie", and if y'all didn't know, I'm a transplant here. I came from sweatin' my be-hind off in sultry OKC to shivering in my boots in Chicago. It was quite the climate and culture shock. I've been here for 16 years now. I've raised a son, been divorced, and started a business.

How and when did you start sewing?
I come from a long line of makers. One of my "Nanny’s" taught me to embroider, the other taught me to sew and my mom taught me to quilt. I've been working on one project or another since I was about 7 years old but it wasn't until I came to Chicago that I really, truly found that I loved creating with needle and thread. I used these skills that had been handed down to me to comfort me while I was so far away from home, it was my therapy through that divorce, and it gives me pride in myself knowing that I could start SewMod from it. It's not just a hobby...I need2create!

What are your most and least favorite parts of quilting?
Wanna know a secret? I HATE quilting. Ok, not the part where I choose the perfect pattern, pick out the fabrics, cut them up, and make something spectacular from them, but the quilting part. Frankly, it makes me cranky. I prefer to hand that part over to a professional. I just don't have the patience for it. What I do like is to make small projects and combine hand embroidery and appliqué into quilting and I'll pretty much try to add a crochet flower to anything I can.

Favorite fabrics/designers/color palette?
I like to think of my style as 'cottage'. I like robin’s egg blues, pinks, purples and oranges. I love polka dots and florals or anything with a bike on it. I have a strawberry/cherry obsession right now. My biggest stash is Christmas fabric with Halloween at a close second.

What quilts are you working on now?
If I take on projects that are too big, I tend to get bored, which is why I have UFO's! My goal this year is to complete them. I'm currently working on a CrabApple Hill embroidery project called 'Susan's Dresden Garden'. It's all in variegated bluework and I'm using the French General line, Rouenneries. I'm thinking it's going to be fabulous. It has all of my requirements for the perfect quilt...hand embroidery, hand appliqué and embellishing. I just wish it was smaller!

Do you follow patterns or make your own designs?
I like to do both. I really enjoy getting a pattern and putting my own creative spin on it.  I want my personality to shine through on all of my projects, whether it’s from an existing pattern with different fabrics or creating my own designs for SewMod.


Where do you sew and how often?
I meet once a week with Wendy to sew in her studio but mostly all the magic happens at my kitchen table. I sew at least 5 days out of the week, but if you include hand sewing, it's more like 7 days a week. I just started teaching the 8 year old to sew too. My weekends are filled with kiddie projects. She's really creative and I feel good about being able to share with her what I've been taught. And who can resist sewing on her new Hello Kitty machine! It makes my Babylock seem boring.

Things you may not know about me...
I'm a modern day June. A retro housewife at heart...from the cooking & cleaning to your martini nightcap.
I never wear matching socks.
I love scary movies and anything with a Zombie in it.
And I have a potty mouth. What? You don't think June ever had a melt down?!


  1. Haha Lorrie....more like a modern day LUCY!! LOL ;)

  2. You got that right Ethel!!