Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quilt Donations

The charity we have chosen to support this year is the Centegra Gavers Breast Center. Our Charity Chief, Kelly L has been collecting our donated comfort quilts for area breast cancer patients and giving them to Lynn, a "Navigator" at the Gavers Center. Lynn's job as a Navigator is to coordinate all aspects of a breast cancer patient's treatment including testing, surgeries, therapies, appointments, and insurance issues. Due to the wide scope of her responsibilities, Lynn gets to know these patients quite well. She is the person who distributes our quilts to the patients, and this Sunday, February 8, she will speak at our meeting about her job, the patients she meets, and the impact our donations have made.

Please remember to bring any new donation quilts to our meeting on Sunday. Every year there are 150 more women diagnosed with breast cancer at the Gavers Center; women who need all the comfort we can provide with our quilt donations.

I've attached several photos of the quilts we have donated since October 2014. Each quilt is photographed and labeled by Kelly before it is passed on to Lynn for distribution to a patient. A copy of the quilt label wording is attached at the bottom of this post.

This is the label that is included with each donated quilt:

Please accept this handmade quilt to keep you warm and loved as you journey toward recovery.

May it be a comfort throughout and one day soon, a reminder of your courageous battle.
Crystal Lake Modern Quilt Guild

 Washing instructions:
               Machine wash in cool water with mild detergent
               Tumble dry lowest setting

 Some shrinkage is normal and makes the quilting stitches stand out.  We recommend using 1 tsp. Dawn dish liquid in lieu of typical laundry detergent.

We're looking forward to meeting Lynn on Sunday, and we hope you'll be able to join us.  More meeting details published here.

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