Sunday, August 24, 2014

Help Needed

Hello everyone!  We're still looking for members to help us finish our guild BOM quilt so that it can be shown at the Countryside Quilt Show in CL on September 20-21.  We need help with the following:
  • Designing the quilt top layout
  • Sewing the quilt top
  • Creating and adding the quilt label

Paige P and Lorrie M have volunteered to do the quilting and binding. Diane H has volunteered to help with the quilt layout, but we need another person or two to work with her.

Please consider volunteering to help us get this quilt finished so we can show it off to the community in September :)

Send us an email at crystallakemqg (at) gmail (dot) com to let us know you'd like to volunteer.  Don't send a response to the notification email you may receive regarding the posting of this request - those emails are not delivered to us (I'm not sure where they go, but it's not to us) Thanks!

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