Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sale Table Reminder for July 13, 2014

At this Sunday's meeting we will be holding our first quarterly Sale Table.  Clean out your sewing areas and help CLMQG fund more programs and speakers - Win/Win!!  Here are the details:
  • Please bring any quilting/sewing related books, patterns, magazines, knick-knacks, notions, rulers, or tools that you'd like to get out of your house, and we'll have an area for all members to shop.  Drop off your donation items when you arrive at the meeting.
  • Prices have been pre-determined by the Sale Table committee with books likely priced at $1 each/6 for $5 and magazines at $0.25 each/6 for $1.
  •  Fabric may also be donated to the sale table, but please indicate the quantity of each cut with a tag before donating.  Wendy and Lorrie will set a pricing standard for fabric and may bundle some items for easier display and sale.
  • CASH only for purchases.
  • All proceeds will be deposited directly to the CLMQG bank account to be used for future programs and events.
  • Any items left at the end of the meeting will be donated to a charity deemed appropriate by the Sale Table committee and Executive Board.

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