Thursday, July 10, 2014

Block of the Month #11

Block of the Month #11
Sunburst Block inspired by a quilt at Geta’s Quilting Studio
Presented by Shelley N

12.5” unfinished block
1/4” seam allowance


Step 1 – Cutting

** Press all fabrics with Best Press or starch before cutting your pieces for this block.
Tarragon (Green): (2) 4” squares and (1) 5” x 22” strip
Navy Blue: (1) 3” square
Candy Blue: (2) 1.25” x 11” strips and (2) 1.25” x 12.5” strips
White: (1) 5” x 22” strip

Also needed: (1) 15 degree fan/wedge ruler OR template provided and circle template provided (click here for template pattern sheet), AND template plastic or cardboard for making circle and wedge templates.

Step 2
Layer the white and green 5” strips together. If you are using the template align the top and bottom edges of the template with the top and bottom edges of the strip sets as shown. If you are using the 15 degree ruler align the 5” marking with the top of your strip set as shown (the bottom edge of the ruler should align with the bottom edge of the strips.) Place your template or ruler close to the left edge of the strips set.

Step 3
Using your rotary cutter, cut along the left edge of the template/ruler.

Step 4
Make another cut along the right edge of the template/ruler.

Step 5
Rotate the template/ruler 180 degrees, align the 5” marking along the bottom edge of the strips and make another cut on the right edge.

Step 6
Moving to the right, continue rotating and cutting along the right edge of the template/ruler until you have 12 pairs of white and green wedges.

Step 7
Sew each of the 12 white and green wedge sets together with a ¼” seam. Always sew with the green wedge on top and begin your seam at the top (or widest) edge of the wedges and sew toward the bottom (or narrowest) edges. You want the top or outside edges of the wedges to be in alignment. The center edges will be covered by an appliqued circle, so if they are a bit uneven that is okay.
Press the seams toward the green wedge.

Step 8
Sew the 12 sets into 6 sets remembering to always begin the seams at the top edge. Press toward the green.

Step 9
Sew the 6 sets into 3 sets.

Step 10
And finally sew the three sets into a complete circle. Press well.

Step 11
Align an edge of your ruler across three wedges as shown. Make sure the ruler edge is directly over the outer edges of two green wedges with a white wedge in the center.
Cut along the edge of the ruler to make one straight side of an octagon.

Step 12
Rotate the block and make three similar cuts at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock around the edges of the circle. It should now look like this...

Step 13
Now align your ruler with outer edges of two white wedges (green one in the center) and trim.

Step 14
Trim the three remaining rounded edges and now you have an octagon.

Step 15
Cut your two 4” green squares in half on the diagonal.

Step 16
Place the resulting 4 triangles at the outer corner edges of your octagon as shown.

Step 17
Align the long edge of each triangle with an outer edge of the hexagon. Eyeball the placement of the triangle point to be in the center of the white wedge as shown. Pin in place and sew the triangle to the octagon.

Step 18
Sew the remaining three triangles to the outer corner edges of your hexagon. Press toward each triangle and now you have a square that should be very close to 11”. Trim carefully and slightly if needed to make an 11” square.

Step 19
Sew the 1.25” x 11” light blue strips to the left and right sides of your Sunburst square, and then sew the 1.25” x 12.5” light blue strips to the top and bottom. Press toward the light blue. Your block should now measure 12.5” square.

Step 20
Using the circle template provided cut a circle from the dark blue 3” square. Fuse using Heat n Bond Lite, or pin or glue the circle over the center opening and raw edge applique using a machine blanket or zigzag stitch. Alternatively, you may add a seam allowance to the circle template and needle turn applique the circle for a more finished edge.

And now your block is complete.

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