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Block of the Month #7

Block of the Month #7
Rolling Diamonds Quilt Block Tutorial
Inspiration for this quilt block was a tutorial provided by 
Presented by Lorrie M.

Gather your fabrics & lets get started!

Begin by cutting your fabrics.
(12) 2.5" white squares
(8) 2.5" orange squares
(4) 4.5" dark blue squares
(1) 4.5" white square
(4) 4.5" x 2.5" green rectangles
(4) 4.5" x 2.5" light blue rectangles

On the wrong side of your fabric, use a pencil to mark a diagonal line through your (12) 2.5" white & (8) 2.5" orange squares.

Making your corner squares:
Place one of the white squares and one of the orange squares in opposite corners of the dark blue square. Sew directly on the diagonal line.

Use your ruler to trim 1/4 inch away from your seam.

Press your block and repeat with the other two corners, this time using (2) 2.5" white squares. Press. Make 4 of these units.

Making your center square:
Using the same method as you did to make the corner squares, place a 2.5" orange square in opposite corners of the 4.5" white square. Sew on the diagonal line. Trim 1/4" away from your seam and press.

Repeat with the other two corners using (2) 2.5" orange squares. Press.

Making the middle rectangles:
Sew the green rectangle to the light blue rectangle along the long side. Press these seams open. Make 4.

Finishing the block:
Lay out the block according to the photo. Begin by sewing the blocks into 3 rows.

**A helpful hint while you're sewing your blocks into rows.
To keep your corner square (Diamond) points aligned with the seam of the middle rectangles...

Place your corner unit and middle rectangle right sides together. Insert a straight pin into the intersecting point of the corner unit.

Making sure that the end of the straight pin goes directly into the seam from the other side.

Pin. This will prevent your blocks from shifting while sewing and keep the seam aligned with the Diamond point.

Using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew over the intersecting point. Remember to go slowly if you're like me and love to sew over your pins:)

After all of that careful pinning, you will be rewarded with beautiful points!

Sew the rows together.

You've completed your Rolling Diamonds Quilt Block!

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