Thursday, March 6, 2014

Low Volume Fabric Swap Reminder

Just a reminder that CLMQG is hosting a 
Low-Volume Fabric Swap 
at our next meeting on Sunday, March 16 at 11:00am.

To participate please follow these simple steps:
  • Bring any number of fat-eighths (F8s) of quilt-shop-quality low-volume fabrics to swap for the same quantity.  If you bring four F8s, you will take home four F8s.
  • F8s must be cut 9" x 21".  The easiest way to do this is to take a fat-quarter (18" x 21") and cut it in half along the 21" measurement perpendicular to the selvage.  This way each F8 you have just cut has a portion of the selvage still attached.
  • Wrap each F8 in plain paper so that the fabric design is concealed.
The photo below shows several examples of low-volume fabrics.  The general definition of "low-volume" is a fabric that has a white or light colored background and includes a tone-on-tone or lightly colored graphic, text, floral, or dot pattern.  Click here to see my Pinterest page with many examples of low-volume fabric selections, as well as quilts made with low-volume fabrics.

Our member Sharon T has also made two quilts with low-volume backgrounds that she shared at our February meeting.  Click here to view the photos of Sharon's quilts.

I've already got my swap fabrics picked out!  Have you?  

Don't forget to bring your swap fabrics on
 Sunday, March 16!

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