Monday, February 17, 2014

RSVP Deadline - MQG Michael Miller Fabric Challenge

Great news!!  Now that our guild is an official member of the international Modern Quilt Guild we are able to participate in their annual fabric challenge.

Each paid member who has completed their registration on the MQG website should have received an email from the MQG containing information about this challenge.  See this MQG blog post to read all the pertinent details about the challenge.

The CLMQG board will register our guild as participants in this challenge - you do not need to register individually.  But in order to do so we must provide a head count of our members that wish to participate.  This is completely voluntary on the part of each individual.  Of course we hope that many of you will choose to participate!

In order to complete our guild's challenge registration and provide a head count, we need for you to respond by Thursday, February 20 at 5:00pm.  Thursday evening we will complete our challenge registration, so if you'd like to participate and be given a free bundle of new fabric to use in the challenge don't miss this deadline!

Here are the instructions to respond if you want to participate:

  • Login to the MQG website.
  • Click the "Community" tab at the top of the page.
  • Then click the "Groups" tab at the top of the Community page.
  • Search for "Crystal Lake MQG" and select it when the search completes.
  • Click the "Join" button for Crystal Lake MQG
  • Click the "Follow" button for Crystal Lake MQG
  • On the Crystal Lake MQG page you should see a topic titled "Michael Miller Fabric Challenge - Response Deadline 2/20".  Click the orange "Add new comment" box and type in your response.

We realize this seems like a lot of steps to go through, but this is the beginning of our transition to using the MQG website as our primary means of communication with our CLMQG membership.  This will all become second nature to you as we use the website more and more frequently to update you on CLMQG news.  You'll want to have your MQG account profile set up to notify you via email whenever a new discussion topic is added to our Crystal Lake MQG group.  That way you'll never miss out on any news!  This is also the way you will register for sew-ins and RSVP for any special events.  To update your profile to receive email notification of new discussion topics please follow these steps:

  • Click the "Profile" tab at the top of the MQG website page.
  • Click the "Notification settings" tab.
  • Choose how often you would like to receive email notifications - immediately as triggered, once daily, or once weekly.  We recommend once daily to keep current.
  • Further down the same page you should see "Crystal Lake MQG" listed with a column to the right marked "Send email?"  Click to check this box.

Then you should be ready to go and set up to receive any and all news from CLMQG that is posted to the MQG website.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.  And remember to respond by 5:00pm on Thursday, February 20 if you want to participate in the MQG Michael Miller Fabric Challenge!

Thanks for your patience as we transition to using this new MQG website for our guild communications :)

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