Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quilt Show opportunity for CLMQG members

We have an exciting opportunity to show quilts made by our members at the upcoming Countryside Flower Shop Quilt Show!

As a local guild, we can have our quilts displayed in a grouping at this show. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a showing of our Improv Challenge projects, as well as other modern quilts made by our members? And as part of our dedicated area at the show, we can provide some publicity about our group and have interest cards available for people to take away with them.

This is a free show for participants as well as visitors. There is no entrance or application fee, and all quilts are accepted. The quilts are all hung indoors in the greenhouses, so they are protected from the elements - the quilts are not shown outdoors. A couple of years ago I put one of my quilts in the show, and it was great fun to go to the show and see it hanging there :)

So who is interested? If you'd like to take part in this fun event, please bring one modern quilt/finished project to the September 15 meeting. You can leave it with us for delivery to Countryside during the week of September 16, or you can choose to deliver it to Countryside yourself that week. But we need to provide Countryside with a number of quilts that we'd like displayed in order for them to set aside an appropriately sized area for us. If you are unable to attend the September 15 meeting and are interested in participating in this show, please send us a photo of the quilt you'd like to have included and details about the size of that quilt. You would then be responsible for delivering it to Countryside before September 19.

I strongly encourage you to have some type of permanent label, whether sewn on, embroidered, or written with permanent ink on your submitted quilts. You will be able to pick up your quilts the week following the show's conclusion on September 22.

In the interest of promoting our group as a Modern Quilt Guild, please limit your potential submission to the group area of this show to projects that have a modern or modern-traditionalist theme. If you have other quilts you'd like to have included in the general show I absolutely encourage you to submit them directly to Countryside! It really is a kick to see something that you've made displayed there for the public to view :)

And even if you don't want to include one of your quilts in the show (but you should want to!), we encourage you to come out to Countryside on September 21 or 22 and see all the beautiful works made by local quilters!

So.... who's in?????

Let us know via email or Facebook comment
if you'd like to participate.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about this event.

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