Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Member Feature - Judy Otero

This is our third member feature for 2013. Meet Judy Otero, our guild Treasurer...

Tell us a little about yourself. Hi, my name is Judy Otero. My husband Ralph and I have been married for 48 years. We have three daughters and four grandchildren. We have lived in Lake in the Hills for 37 years. Even with the enormous growth we have experienced in this area I still feel lucky to live in such a beautiful area. We are in the old section of LITH with two lakes and wonderful old trees. My husband and I are both retired. He was a trucker, sometimes over the road and sometimes local. I was in medical billing for almost 30 years.

How and when did you start quilting/sewing? We were driving to my brother’s house in Wonderlake about 32 years ago when we passed a store called GRANNYS QUILTS. I signed up for a class there and made this a sampler quilt. Each block was different so we could learn a new technique. I have since tried different crafts like Stained Glass, crocheting etc. so I didn’t quilt for many years. When I did get back into quilting I took a beginners class because there were so many new ways to cut, piece, etc.

What are your most and least favorite parts of the quilting process? I love looking through books and magazines trying to choose the right pattern and colors for the person I am making the quilt for. What is better than going to the quilt store, finding the exact fabric you are looking for and seeing that neat pile of folded fabric? I am always anxious to get started but sometimes making time is difficult. I don’t always want to take the time to bind my quilt but, there are times it is nice to just sit and do handwork.

Favorite fabrics/designers/color palette? In the past I was into earth tones, but now, making quilts for my girls they tend to be into white, black, and gray. I am being pulled into brighter colors and patterns after seeing the new books and magazines in the MODERN QUILTING MOVEMENT that we are experiencing now. I never thought I would love putting orange , pink, and turquoise colors together. I love that in our CLMQG we will have and will be meeting designers in this new area.

What quilt/s are you working on now? I am finishing a black and white quilt for my oldest daughter, it just needs a border, then off to the long arm quilter - it is a king size. I have a Quilt of Valor I am making for my uncle that served in WW 2, and I will be starting another one for an Uncle that served in Korea.

Where do you sew? How often/long each week? I have a sewing room in my basement that is finished. I am quite lucky to have that room, so why do I prefer to sew in my kitchen with bright sunlight streaming thru the windows? How long do I spend each week? Sometimes I don’t sew at all during the week, other times, especially when it is raining I will sew for hours at a time. During the summer I watch my 10 year old granddaughter a few days a week and we like to be out and about.

What is on your quilting "bucket list"? I would like to take the plunge and machine small quilts on my home sewing machine. I recently saw a 3D bargello quilt that I would like to try.

Do you tend to follow patterns or create your own designs? I tend to follow patterns. Once in a while I get inspiration to change something in a pattern but I don’t think I have too many original ideas.

What kind of sewing machine do you use? I have a Brother sewing machine. I am really bummed that Crystal Lake Sewing Center closed. It was so convenient and service was great. So I am looking for a new place to have my machine serviced.

Tell us three things about yourself that other CLMQG members probably don't know.
  • I love to read. In the summer I love to sit in my screened in porch; I could read the whole day, and I have, with a good book.
  • I love to rearrange furniture and accessories in my house to give it a new look. My husband freaks out when he sees me looking around a room in our house because he knows what is coming.
  • I have been known to be addicted to PINTEREST.

What is your most treasured/sentimental possession? I wouldn’t say it is a possession, but my family and friends are what I treasure most.

What is your "motto" or favorite "life quote"? Life is short, make that phone call, or send that note, visit someone who is on your mind, do something you want to so you don’t need to say “I should have”.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be? It would be wonderful to have endless energy.

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