Monday, April 29, 2013

What is Improvisational Piecing?

We've received a couple of requests for more information on improvisational piecing.  The following was written by Paige, who will be leading our workshop on May 5.  Included are several links to posts containing photos and further descriptions of the improv piecing process.  We hope this helps...

Improvisational piecing basically has no rules - it is widely interpreted in different ways by each modern quilter. Basically, you start without a pattern, maybe have a focus fabric to start with or a color way you've been dying to try.  Some people sketch out a block or have a loose plan in mind before starting, and you don't worry too much about angles or measurements. 

For our workshop, since many of you are new to modern quilt piecing techniques, we’ll start with a basic log cabin block concept. Most of us are familiar with how the block comes together so I think it is the best block to start with for your first exposure.

Here are some links to examples to help you start planning your blocks and prepare you to let go of the traditional rules and have fun with modern piecing.
Click HERE for a post by Faith over at Fresh Lemons Quilts where she describes an improvisational piecing class she did with Malka Dubrawsky of A Stitch in Dye. This is a great example of the log cabin block we will be creating.

If you want more of a challenge, check out blogger OhFransson who created the first of four total blocks in this example.  Click here for block 2, here for block 3, and here for block 4 to see her process for the remaining blocks.  As you scroll through the post for block 4 you can see all four of the completed blocks together at the end.  She made a very large quilt with many blocks in this style that you can see here.

 For further examples of improvisational quilting, see the Modern Quilt Guild's 100 days of Modern QuiltingWithin this section you can find the MQG week of Improvisational Piecing.

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