Tuesday, March 26, 2013

watch this - improv piecing video from "quilty"

Have you seen this magazine in the grocery store newsstand area, or at your local bookstore or quilt shop?

It's a very new publication in the world of quilting magazines edited by Mary Fons - daughter of the well-known co-creator of Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine, Marianne Fons. The cover shown here is from their fourth issue - March/April 2013.

While reading this magazine today, I came across an article about improvisational piecing. Since we are busy preparing a hands-on workshop for our May 5 meeting on that very same topic, I read the feature with earnest. Emily Bruzzini, a modern quilter living in the Chicago area (and a member of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild), gives us her easy method for Improv Piecing both in the printed magazine article and also in this free video on QNNtv.

Quilty magazine seeks "to inform and inspire the next generation of quilters" with its fun graphics and conversational writing style which brings a more light-hearted approach to quilting than you might find in more traditional, well-established quilt magazines. But don't let that fool you - this is a solid, well-written publication with a wide enough range of projects to appeal to all skill levels. And in every issue there are columns about color theory, long-arm quilting, and a feature called "Meet a Modern Quilter" - in the current issue that's Denyse Schmidt! Hard-copy magazines subscriptions are available, as well as digital versions.

And it's not just a magazine, it's a weekly online quilt show with dozens of episodes available covering all manner of quilting topics. Click here to go to their website and see the list of available episodes. Some of the video segments in other categories require a $24 annual membership to QNNtv.com, but all the "quilty" episodes are free.

If you do watch this episode, leave us a comment here or on Facebook to let us know how you liked it! Enjoy!!



  1. Haha...this is traditional crazy quilting now termed improvisational piecing. Love it! Everything old is new again :-)