Wednesday, June 13, 2018

June 10, 2018 Minutes

Membership Update- no new members/guests at today's meeting.  There were 21 people attending the meeting today and about 12-15 for the all day sew-in. 

Treasurer's Report- no expenses/no income this month.

Committee Updates- it was requested that all current committee leaders stay with the position until January at which point a change can be made if needed.  

Bees- Terry - nothing to report

Snacks- Kathy - next month is the July birthday party - please sign up to bring a dish to pass if you are coming. 

Donation quilts- Mary - 6 quilts were taken to Gaver's last month

Member Ambassador- Rosie - 1 card sent this month
Programming- Julie S - a survey will be distributed to determine our next programs.  There may also be "breakout" sessions to discuss further ideas at a future meeting.  

Social Media- Marge/Vikki - thanks to Marge for putting all the photos on FB and IG - a big job!  Vikki is doing a great job with the blog.  Remember to sign up on the blog for email notifications if you are not getting the emails regarding meetings, etc. 

Fundraising- Ann -  she sends out requests (~50) to companies each January asking for donations.  If you know of someone else we can contact - please let Ann know!

Retreat- Vikki - everyone had such a good time on the last retreat - Vikki will start looking into venues for next year.  

Swap/Lotteries- Mary won the string block lottery. 

The polararoid block was presented as the next lottery block - see separate info about the block (attached below).  Please use Kona White for the sides so they are all consistent.  Please note: Change in Due Date - due at the September meeting.  
  • We need a new block lottery chairperson - please consider volunteering for this fun activity to keep it active! 
Social Events- Cathy and Darlene volunteered to help plan the last social event of the year - the holiday party in December.  Thanks!!

Upcoming Meetings

July 8  12 pm-4 pm  Birthday Party/Summer Fundraiser!  There will be 10-12 raffle baskets to bid on.  Please bring a dish to pass (birthday cake provided!) and come to have fun! 

Aug 12  9 am-4 pm  NO GENERAL MEETING - Sara Lawson workshop.  An evite will be coming out this week with more details. Cost is $15 and payment must be made by July 8 - after that it will be opened up to non-members (cost $25). Max of 20 people.  When you sign up, you will be emailed a copy of the pattern (Appaloosa Bag) and homework from Sara (within a couple weeks of the class) that needs to be done PRIOR to the class.  
Sept 9   11am- 4pm
Oct 14   12 pm- 4 pm
Nov 11  9 am- 4 pm  (sew-in with general meeting at noon)

             Dec 2   Holiday Party - time TBD

UFO Challenge completion - Julie S won the grand prize.  Thanks Darlene for running this!

Cotton and Steel Retreat Challenge- blocks were made for a donation quilt (Leslie will assemble) and members showed their finished projects. Bobbie won the grand prize.  Thanks Ann for all your work!

Show and Tell- many beautiful quilts shown again. See facebook for photos.

Reverse Applique Challenge- remember to work on your projects - due in September!  See MaryAnn if questions.  

New PO Box for CLMQG.  Any mail to the guild can now be mailed to 
PO Box 15
Crystal Lake, IL  60039

Examples shared at meeting:


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

June 10, 2018 Meeting Reminder

Our next guild meeting is 
June 10, 2018 
Sew-in begins  at 9:00 am and concludes at 4:00 pm

                                     General Meeting will be held at 12:00 noon

At the Home State Bank Commercial Banking Center 
(see map on the right sidebar.)

**Please note the time change**

June 10, 2018 - Time Change  9 am-4 pm 

Come for the morning, the afternoon or all day.  Bring whatever you want to work on and enjoy what others are working on too.   

Guild members vending is scheduled for the June meeting.

  •      Shelley will be vending.  

If anyone is interested in vending, please contact Cathy R. for more information.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May 20, 2018 Minutes

Membership update - 24 members present at today’s meeting, no guests.

Treasurer’s report - since the workshop was cancelled, see Judy for your refund if you had been registered. 

Committee updates:
     Bees - Terry - nothing to report.

Snacks - Kathy -  thanks to Trisha and Bobbie for snacks today!
        June snacks by Jalena, Mary and Shelley.                          
July is our 5th Birthday Party - see sign up sheet for items to bring (a cake will be provided).

Donation quilts - Lorrie has completed Elli’s BOM, Isis volunteered to quilt it and it will be donated to Gavers. 

Member Ambassador -Rosie sent out a few cards to members.

Retreat - Everyone had a GREAT time - thanks to Vikki and Ann and everyone who attended.

Upcoming Meetings 
     June 10 - TIME CHANGE 9 am-4 pm with general meeting at noon.  Come for the morning, the afternoon or all day.  Bring whatever you want to work on and enjoy what others are working on too.   There will also be an opportunity for member vending at the June sew in - see Cathy Roberts to reserve your table.
     July 8 - Summer Birthday Party - don’t forget to sign up for a dish to bring.

Board Elections - New board was voted in unanimously:) 
  Laura H.- President
  Kathie P. - Vice President
  Julie W. - Treasurer
  Mary B. - Secretary 

UFO challenge - last month to show your UFO quilts is in June - the grand prize will be awarded! (Thanks Darlene for heading this up).

Block Lottery - String blocks are due in June.  New block design will be handed out in June and due in August.  We need a new coordinator for the block lottery - please volunteer  to keep this fun event going.  Just requires you to pick a block, provide instructions and distribute to the guild with a couple of months to turn them in.  Easy for anyone to help with! (Thanks to Cari for leading this for the past few months).

Show and Tell - lots of beautiful quilts and handmade items shown.

Karen won the door prize this month (actually a leftover prize from the retreat).

Reverse Applique Challenge Demo - Maryanne showed us great tips for reverse appliqué and challenged us to create our own masterpiece with lots of options.  The challenge is due in September so stretch your creativity and try something new!  

Respectfully submitted - Mary B. Secretary

Friday, May 11, 2018

May 20, 2018 Meeting Reminder

Our next guild meeting is 
May 20, 2018 
Meeting begins at 1:00pm and concludes at 4:00pm

At the Home State Bank Commercial Banking Center 
(see map on the right sidebar.)

**Please note the time change**

Our scheduled guest speaker and workshop host, Karen DeWitt, has fallen ill and is on bed rest. She will not be joining us, however, member Maryanne has offered to teach us a workshop on Reverse Appliqué. 

Reverse Appliqué will be our last challenge for 2018!  Maryanne will be giving us a step by step demonstration and mini workshop on Sunday, May 20th during our guild meeting. 

If you’d like to participate in the challenge, please bring the following supplies.
If you and a friend are participating, Maryanne said it would be possible for you to share a machine for the basic stitching. This would alleviate everyone needing to bring their machine for the workshop.
  • 4-5 fat quarters
  • Sewing machine 
  • Sewing supplies, including a seam ripper
  • Foam board, which can be found at your local craft store
  • Masking tape
Plan to learn a new skill and possibly win fabulous prizes from our new challenge host over the next several months!!

**Anyone who signed up and paid for the Karen DeWitt QAYG workshop will be reimbursed.

Out of respect for our teachers, we ask that anyone not participating in the workshop, be prepared to leave after the general meeting.

More exciting news for May...

We are holding our annual elections. If you are interested in holding a seat on our board or for a committee, please email Lorrie withinfo. 

Current nominations include:
  • President, Laura H.
  • VP, Kathy P.
  • Secretary, Mary B. 
  • Treasurer, Julie W.

Here’s a list of items you might possibly need for the May meeting:
  • Snacks, if you’ve volunteered 
  • Donation Quilts
  • Show & Tell
  • Workshop supplies if participating 
  • Name Tag
  • UFO Quilts
  • Secret Pal gifts

Thursday, May 10, 2018

March 11, 2018 Minutes

1. Committee Updates

  • Block Lottery: If you wish to participate, bring one or more “Button Blocks” to the April meeting. See your email for specific details about this block. 
  • Donation Quilts: Reminder that quilts for Gavers should be lap size (minimum size: 50” X 60”) 
  • Retreat: Julie S. is looking for a roommate. If you haven’t signed up and still want to go on the retreat, let Vikki know as soon as possible. 

2. Upcoming Meetings:  

  • April 8: 1 – 4 pm: General meeting & Shibori demo, Executive Board nominations 
  • May 20: 10:30 am – 4 pm: 
    • Karen DeWitt workshop: Three ways to QAYG and connect the blocks; we will be taking reservations in March.
    • Elections 
  • June 10: 10 am – 3 pm: Sew-In

3. Other Business

  • Lorrie mentioned that we are still in need of a Social Media Coordinator. Vikki offered to take care of the guild blog and Marge offered to be in charge of our Instagram and FaceBook accounts.
  • Cathy R. is in charge of member vending opportunities at each sew-in, 6/10 & 11/11. There is a $25 fee to vend. See Cathy if you are interested.
  • Maryanne O. showed what the Reverse Applique Challenge will look like. More details to come.
  • Board Nominations: 
    • Julie W: Treasurer
    • Mary B: Secretary
    • Julie S: Programming
  • Judy O. reminded the group that all positions need to be filled for the guild to continue. 
  • Laura H. and Kathy P. offered to run for the President and Vice President positions.

4. General Show & Tell Including UFOS

5. Break-Modern Spectrum posters

6. Meeting Show & Tell 

Monday, November 6, 2017

November 12, 2017 Meeting Reminder

Sunday, November 12 is our next meeting
at the Home State Bank Commercial Banking Center 
(see map on the right sidebar.)

Meeting begins at 1:00pm and concludes at 4:00pm

November Monthly Meeting Highlights:

  • Favorite Tools and Gadgets Discussion
  • Scissor Sharpening by Dave (see this post for details)
  • October Instagram Challenge Show & Tell and Monthly Prize drawing
  • Show & Tell
  • Secret Pal gifts
  • Book Club book hand-offs 
  • Final Date to make payment for December 3 Holiday Party (remember to RSVP to the Evite)

What you need to bring for the meeting:

  • Favorite tools and gadgets to join the discussion
  • Scissors and other items for sharpening (full list of eligible items and pricing here)
  • Cash or check payment for our December Holiday Party ($20 per person)
  • Items from your October Instagram Challenge photos (if participating)
  • Show and Tell - bring your modern quilted items to share
  • Secret Pal gifts
  • Snacks (if you signed up to bring this month)
  • Donation Quilts - Bring any newly completed comfort quilts for Gavers Breast Care Center. Please remember to include a CLMQG label on the back of your quilt.
  • Nametag
  • CLMQG Book Club selections - if you have a book club book in your possession please bring it and your three fat quarters to the meeting to pass to the next reader on the list.  See this post for more information and rules regarding the CLMQG Book Club.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

REMINDER - Scissor Sharpening November 12

Don't forget to bring your scissors for Sharpening by Dave at our next meeting Sunday, November 12 at 1:00pm.

You can bring other items too!! Anything listed below in the section "On Site Sharpening" is fair game on meeting day!  

** Note the different prices per item.